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Erik de Vries

Hi, I’m Erik de Vries. I am a Dutch WordPress developer located in Groningen, a town in the north of The Netherlands. Which, by the way, is not the capital of Denmark, as some extra continental foreigners seem to believe. Wait, let me show you a map:

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Now you know where The Netherlands and even Groningen is. Yes, we know WordPress here too. In fact, I’ve been developing WordPress websites since 2009. Before I started with WordPress, I built websites (since 1995) using pure html, xhtml, javascript, php, mysql, jquery and even flash. Now I can use all that experience to build and customise themes and plugins for the fabulous WordPress cms. My main occupation is building complete websites for clients.

You can contact me through email: erik@wpwebbouw.nl

or through the various contact options on my website http:wpwebbouw.nl/contact

Twitter: @wpwebbouw